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What Is WebHost? The Difference Between Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows people to upload their web pages and publish them to the Web. Web hosting service providers offer this service for a monthly fee, providing all the necessary server and bandwidth resources for web site owners. Web hosting services can be either shared web hosting (in which case the web sites and their data and images occupy space on a single web server) or dedicated web hosting (in which case web site owners rent an entire web server). Web hosting companies will usually provide web-based tools that enable web site owners to manage their servers. 



Web hosts may also offer web building services, which allow web site owners to create and design web sites without having any knowledge of HTML. Shared Web Hosting is a type of web hosting which allows users to share server space on a single web host with other web site owners. In this type of web hosting, web site owners will typically pay less but will have to make do with the limited resources available on the web host's servers. With Shared Web Hosting, people from all over the world will be able to access your web pages at once through the Internet. 


This increases the chance that someone could buy the domain name with your URL and take over your webpage with spam. Dedicated Web Hosting is perfect for larger organizations and web sites. Web site owners will have their web servers all to themselves with this web hosting plan, giving them full control of the server resources they need. Because web site owners can configure dedicated web servers to suit their individual needs, the servers are more likely to be configured for optimal performance and security. To find new details kindly head to


Nowadays, web hosting services are very popular with blogs, forums and web sites of all kinds. Web hosting web site owners will have no problem finding web hosts that offer the web hosting service they need at an affordable price. Web hosting is a type of Internet hosting service that allows web site owners to post Web pages, Web files and Web applications on a web server. 


Web hosts will usually provide a number of Web-based tools that enable web site owners to manage their servers.Web hosting is a service that enables individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts usually provide a web server, or servers, that users can use to upload their web pages and web files via FTP or web browser. 



The web server then connects to the Internet using an ISP, providing connectivity from the web host's servers to the user's website visitors. Web hosting services are typically paid for on a monthly basis, with web hosting users more often than not responsible for purchasing and installing their own web server, though some web hosts will do this on behalf of web hosting users.